Audio Messages - Radio Broadcast

Audio Messages - Radio Broadcast

For several years Pastor Mays had the opportunity to have a 15 minute radio broadcast on a local Christian radio station - WOTC (Winning Others To Christ) once a week. Below are some of those messages. We trust that you'll find them helpful to you and your family.

Please feel free to contact us concerning any of these messages.

Message :


Biblical Principles for Practical Living Series:


A Wholesome Tongue Is A Tree Of Life

A Merry Heart Maketh A Cheerful Countenance

A Wrathful Man Stirreth Up Strife

A Wise Son Maketh A Glad Father 

He That Is Greedy Of Gain

The Heart Of The Righteous Studieth To Answer

All The Ways Of A Man Are Clean In His Own Eyes

By Mercy And Truth Iniquity Is Purged

A Man's Heart Deviseth His Way

Pride Goeth Before Destruction

There Is A Way That Seemeth Right Unto A Man

Better Is A Dry Morsel And Quietness Therewith

He That Is Glad At Clamities Shall Not Be Unpunished

He That Covereth A Transgression Seeketh Love

The Beginning Of Strife Is As One Letteth Out Water

A Friend Loveth At All Times

A Man Void Of Understanding Striketh Hands

A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like A Medicine

He That Hath Knowledge Spareth His Words

And His Lips Are The Snare Of His Soul

Wine Is A Mocker, Strong Drink Is Raging

The Just Man Walketh In His Integrity

Love Not Sleep, Lest Thou Come To Poverty

He That Goeth About A As Talebearer Revealeth Secrets

Man's Goings Are Of The Lord

The King's Heart Is In The Hand Of The Lord

The Getting Of Treasures By A Lying Tongue Is A Vanity

When The Scorner Is Punished

The Righteous Man Wisely Considereth The House Of The Wicked

A Gift In Secret Pacifieth Anger

Whoso Keepeth His Mouth And His Tongue Keepeth His Soul From...

The Horse Is Prepared Against The Day Of Battle

A Prudent Man Foreseeth The Evil

The Rich Ruleth Over The Poor

Cast Out The Scorner

Bow Down Thine Ear, And Hear The Words Of The Wise

Make No Friendship With An Angry Man

Be Not Thou One Of Them That Strike Hands

Speak Not In The Ears Of A Fool

Withhold Not Correction From The Child

Hear Thou, My Son, And Be Wise

Buy The Truth And Sell It Not

Be Not Thou Envious Against Evil Men

In The Multitude Of Counsellers There Is Safety

Rejoice Not When Thine Enemy Falleth

These Things Belong Also To The Wise

Say Not, I Will Do So To Him As He Hath Done Unto Me

Take Away The Dross From the Silver

Go Not Forth Hastily To Strive

Hast Thou Found Honey 

As He That Taketh Away A Garment In Cold Weather

He That Passeth By And Meddeleth With Strife